NixCon 2023 Darmstadt

September 08 – 10

We want your Feedback!

To make the next NixCon more awesome we need your help. Please tell us how your experience was with this years NixCon. Please note that this is only targeting local attendees.

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# About

NixCon is a community-oriented conference for contributors and users of Nix and NixOS. It's about sharing experiences, inspiring people and discussing future development.

We would like to learn about how you use Nix and NixOS in your organization and what you are currently working on.

The growth of NixOS as a project brings its own challenges and we would like to know how you think the user experience can be improved and how NixOS can be scaled.

# Location

TU-Darmstadt, S1|05 Maschinenhaus
Magdalenenstr. 12
64289 Darmstadt

# Tickets

Tickets are all taken!
Live streaming will be available. Follow one of the NixOS social accounts for updates:

Speakers without tickets, please reach out to us at

# Timeline

Talks & Workshops
Talks & Workshops
This event is organized by the community for the community: everyone is welcome to contribute.


# I am interested in helping? What can I do?

We are actively looking for volunteers for before, during and after the event. If you are interested please sign-up on our Volunteer system (Engelsystem) at

There is also a Matrix room for

# Will there be video recording?

Yes! This link will go live once the conference is starting:

# This website is broken! Can I fix it?

Yes! The website source is at:

# What is a Hackday?

The Hackday is a self-organizing event after the conference. It's an opportunity to network, hack on projects and ideas that arose during the conference, and discuss plans for the rest of the year. Get together, solve problems, create!

# How do I get to NixCon 2023?

  • By plane
    • Arrive at FRA (Frankfurt International Airport, not Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)),
    • Then either take the Airliner Shuttle that goes all the way to Darmstadt city center with a stop at the main train station.
    • Or take a train from the airport’s “Regionalbahnhof” to Frankfurt (Main) Hbf and swap there to Darmstadt Hbf.
  • By train
    • Darmstadt Hbf (main train station) is reachable by RE/IC/ICE. The closest station to the venue is the Alexanderstraße/TU bus stop.
    • Locally tickets can be bought from RMV, e.g. from vending stations at most stations in Darmstadt
    • When you are in Darmstadt you can also use the Heinerliner, which is a ride pooling service bookable via an app (similar to Uber). They have a drop-off point at Kanthplatz which is next to the venue. If you have a foreign train ticket from Deutsche Bahn you even apply for a discount for a travel from and to Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof.
  • By car
    • Messplatz & Nordbad, Alsfelder Str.
    • Mercksplatz, up to 4 hours (warning: you have to indicate in some way what time you parked the car, visible through the windscreen).
    • This is a non-exhaustive list, you can find more with your location data provider of choice

# Sponsors

Gold sponsors

  • Flying Circus
  • Cachix
  • Tweag
  • Numtide
  • Determinate Systems
  • Flox

Silver sponsors

  • Hercules CI
  • Helsinki Systems
  • WDZ
  • PDT Partners
  • WorldQuant
  • meetwise
  • garnix
  • Google

Bronze sponsors

  • Open Innovation Network
  • Nixcademy